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Chase Bank (JP Morgan & Washington Mutual)

June 18, 2010

Chase has multiple entities. Be sure to direct your attention to the right one:

JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. (bank accounts)

Chase Bank, USA N.A. (credit cards)

Chase Auto Finance Corp.

JPMorgan Securities Inc.

Chase Investment Services Corp.

Chase/JP Morgan Subpoenas go to:

7610 W. Washington St. Fl. 1

Indianapolis, IN 46231

FAX: (317) 757-7421

PH: (800) 935-9935

PH: (317) 757-7422

  1. K. Mitchell permalink

    The direct line for Chase Bank Subpoena Department is 317-757-7422

  2. Michelle permalink

    I just called the number you provided above, and they directed me to the legal department. The number there is 866-578-7022.

    Also, they told me that writs of garnishment can be served on any branch…I have always had a “designated” branch for garnishments, but haven’t garnished JPMorganChase in our state. Thoughts???

    • It can’t hurt to try. Just document all your communication with their legal department, including dates, time and who you spoke with, n case of any later problems.

  3. James permalink

    I just called to confirm the address for a subpoena involving records. I called the Chase Bank Subpoena Dept # above. The recording gave a number for CT Corporation Services who handles their subpoenas, with a number of 866-925-9916. When I called it I got a recording which eventually led to a phone number for CT Corp Services in my state. When I called that local branch, they gave me the info I needed, but suggested I call CT Corp Customer Service at 800-592-9023, to make sure I got the correct name for the Chase entity I was trying to subpoena. I called it and they told me they didn’t have that info, but suggested I contact the Secretary of State.

    Good times.

  4. Linda permalink

    The phone number for the Subpoena Processing Department is 317-757-7422.

  5. Amy permalink

    For what it’s worth…if you have to serve a complaint on JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. You can serve it to your local Corporation Trust Company. I called their legal department at 212.552.1573 said that I was serving a complaint in Denver and was directed to the Denver Corporation Trust Company.

  6. No One permalink

    Chase Legal Department

    Chase Legal Department
    1 Chase Manhattan Plaza
    26th Floor
    New York New York, 10005-1401

  7. Sarah permalink

    I called the 317-757-7422 number today 1/16/13. The first time I got a machine. THe second time I got a person. They told me to send bank records subpoenas (for NY) to:

    JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.
    c/o CT Corporation Systems
    111 8th Avenue, 13th Floor
    New York, NY 10011

    THanx for the info!

  8. Jamie Wright permalink

    I called the 317-757-7422 regarding subpoenas for bank records in Arizona. Here is the address:

    JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA
    c/o The Corporation Company
    2390 E. Camelback Road
    Phoenix, AZ 85016

  9. Dave permalink

    317-757-7422 is still working as of 3/6/13

  10. Bloom permalink

    Huge help. And they were lovely.

  11. Prerna Pasulka permalink

    Illinois address:

    c/o CT Corporation
    208 S.LaSalle Street, Suite 814
    Chicago, Illinois 60604

    • Camille permalink

      Talked to them this morning and this address is for credit cards as well, except entity is Chase Bank USA, N.A.

  12. Prerna Pasulka permalink

    For clarification, the Illinois address is for checking and savings accounts. Not sure about the credit cards.

  13. Jacqueline A. Me;vin, Esq permalink

    I need to contact legal counsel regarding the payoff of a mortgage loan for 20K as the bank officers only know formal probate and not Declarations for small estates for such transfers – do you have any contact for Chase legal counsel in Sherman Oaks, CA?

    • Jacqueline:
      JPMorgan Chase Bank has corporate counsel in Los Angeles, at 300 S. Grand Ave., 4th Floor, L.A. 90071
      Ph: (213) 449-7744
      Fx: (213) 621-8496
      You might be able to reach the right person at this location. Good Luck.

  14. Joanna permalink

    The number still works as of 5/6/2013. Very helpful! To serve a subpoena in Connecticut, the address is:

    JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.
    c/o CT Corporation System
    1 Corp. Center
    Floor 11
    Hartford, CT 06103

  15. May permalink

    The number still works as of May 9, 2013! (Thanks to the person who originally posted it!!!) To serve a subpoena to JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. in Dallas, Texas, the address is:
    CT Corporation System
    350 N. Saint Paul Street, Suite 2900
    Dallas, Texas 75201

  16. CHASE / JP Morgan Chase Bank (Wamu Bank / Washington Mutual Bank)
    National subpoena processing
    MC In1-4054
    7610 West Washington Street
    Indianapolis, Indiana 46231-1335
    (317)757-7422 fax: (317)757-7421

  17. Carol Venn permalink

    Please provide me with the address (and phone number) for sending a letter to your legal department in Cincinnati, Ohio.

    • Hello, this website is not affiliated with the financial institution. This is “information only” on how to serve subpoenas on a variety of institutions. We do have telephone numbers for the subpoena compliance center in Indianapolis. They might be able to assist you there. PH: (800) 935-9935 / PH: (317) 757-7422

  18. Does anyone have information on where to subpoena work related information for a JP Morgan Chase California former employee?

  19. Lee McCartney permalink

    Great site – thanks for the info. If needing Chase Bank credit card records for a Kansas person/entity, subpoenas should be directed to: Chase Bank USA, N.A. c/o THe Corporation Company, Inc., 112 SW7th Street, Suite 3C, Topeka, KS 66603

  20. Bob Harvey permalink

    The information to subpoena credit card records in Louisiana is as follows as of 12/5/13:

    Chase Bank, USA, N.A., through their agent for service of process, C T Corporation System, 5615 Corporate Boulevard, Suite 400B, Baton Rouge, La 70808

    Thanks for whoever originally posted this. It’s a big help.

  21. Kyla Gray permalink

    The address for Michigan is:

    JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.
    c/o The Corporation Company
    30600 Telegraph Rd., Suite 2345
    Bingham Farms, MI 48025

  22. Elena permalink

    As of 2/14, the number, 317-757-7422 is current for subpoena compliance.

  23. Claudia permalink

    The address for SC is:
    Chase Bank USA, NA
    c/o CT Corporation System
    2 Office Park Court, Suite 103
    Columbia, SC 29223

  24. Jerry permalink

    Any idea on who/where to serve Writs of Garnishment for JPMorgan Chase in Akron, OH?

  25. (317)757-7422 works as of 3/17/14.

  26. Colin Berry permalink

    As of 06/26/14 317-757-7422 still works. The address for subpoena compliance in Georgia is:

    JP Morgan Chase Bank, NA
    C/O CT Corporation System
    1201 Peachtree St. NE
    Atlanta, GA30361

  27. Matt permalink

    Would the subpoena address/numbers above be who I would need to contact in regards to filing a garnishment? I am having difficulty on determining if a bank garnishment can be filed at any branch of JPMorganChase for an account held there, or if it needs to be the branch the account is “maintained” at.

  28. Matt permalink

    I called the (317)757-7422 number today, July 17, 2014, to find out where to send a garnishment order for an Indiana debtor. I was told I need to contact Chase’s “Court Orders and Levies Department.” Their number is 866-578-7022, and you need to choose option #3.

  29. Matt permalink

    To follow up on my last comment, I got through to Court Orders and Levies at 866-578-7022. They gave me the following address for sending bank garnishments:

    JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A.
    Court Orders & Levies
    P.O. Box 183164
    Columbus, OH 43218-3164
    FAX: (866) 699-0618

  30. Joyce Ellis permalink

    As of today for CA 8/26/14 Ckg accts: JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. c/o CT Corporation System 818 West Seventh Street 2nd Floor Los Angeles, CA 90017 For credit cards: Chase Bank USA, N.A. c/o CT Corporation System 818 West Seventh Street 2nd Floor Los Angeles, CA 90017 (same address, different name)

  31. Martha Thelen permalink

    Does anyone have information on serving in Wisconsin for records regarding a mortgage with the entity holding the mortgage identified simply as “Chase”? We do have actual presence in our state but I’m having difficulty defining which of the many entities needs to be named for this, and who the registered agent is (I’m assuming CT Corporation System but better not to assume).

  32. Greg permalink

    Contacted the (317)757-7422 number today (10-15-16), to complete and serve a court order for records associated with a mortgage in NC. Was provided with the address of:

    JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA
    National Subpoena Processing
    7610 West Washington Street
    Indianapolis, IN 46231

  33. Elizabeth permalink

    As of today 12/4/14 the number 317-757-7422 still worked. For Chase mortgage accounts in CA: JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. c/o CT Corporation System, 818 West 7th St., 2nd Fl., Los Angeles, CA 90017.

  34. Krysty permalink

    As of today 2/26/15 the number 317-757-7422 still worked. For Chase accounts anywhere: JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. c/o CT Corporation System, 1200 South Pine Island Road, Plantation, FL 33324 – PH:954-473-5503


  35. Christ G. Dimitroplos permalink

    An Arizona judge signed a garnishment writ on Chase in my favor. After 1 month and still no money I called their legal department to determine what gives. They told me they would have to receive a “Turn Over” order from an Arizona Judge. Arizona has no such order, just the Garnishment Form 6 which he signed. Does anyone have a similar experience ? Anyone know the email address to at least get a .pdf of the signed writ to Chase ?

  36. Erika permalink

    As of 4/23/15 the 317-757-7422 still works

  37. Ann permalink

    I just called the (317) 757-7422 number and spoke with Lana, she was delightful and helpful! Thank you! 7/15/2015

  38. 9/18/15 in CA:
    for checking and savings accounts:
    JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. c/o CT Corporation System, 818 West 7th St., 2nd Fl., Los Angeles, CA 90017
    317-757-7422 still works and was answered after a 2-minute hold.

    • Jessica permalink

      5/4/2016 in CA:
      Just spoke to a representative through the number you provided.

      Cross out 2nd Floor, it is now Suite 930. Compliance Dept Phone No. is 213-627-8252.

  39. Zach permalink

    12.30.2015 … Called the 7422 number, got a nice lady who gave the address right away, no problems at all. Easiest time I have ever had with a bank.

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